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Nina Hambleton is a B2B marketing consultant with a demonstrated record of successful process improvements and continuous on-time execution, supporting organizations trying to achieve big goals. Web design, data analytics, and creative solutions for unique problems.

Proven analytical skills driven by curiosity, evidence-based decision-making, and a willingness to experiment with new methodologies and technologies. Organizations rely on Nina for translating abstract ideas into concise, thoughtful communication between the business and its audience.

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Nina Hambleton marketing consultant

Although these are the most common challenges I work through, a goal can rarely be achieved with just one specific task. Let’s chat to see the best mix of strategies and tools for your particular situation.



From setup to monitoring, to analysis and interpretation, your website must be optimized in today’s age of the internet to reach target audiences.


Consumer Research

Identifying the characteristics of your target audience makes reaching them much easier, and for long-term success, refining those details is critical.

Web Design

A well-functioning website is critical for all businesses. Your website serves as the hub for both your customers and your employees.

Strategy Design

All the factors that represent your business online should have aligned, concise goals. Different resources require different content, vary in effectiveness, and reach different users.

Analytic Analysis

Creating actionable insights from raw data takes a lot of time that most people just don’t have. Make use of data with regular reports and focused recommendations.

Brand Identity

Your brand is what defines your company, it gives customers something to connect with. So, it has to be consistent if you want to be memorable and recognizable.

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From My Clients

Testimonials from real people who I have gotten to work with.

Nina has been my digital marketing go to person for the past two years. It has been a joy to work with her and she adds a wonderful perspective to what we do together. She is always quick to reply and has knowledge of SEO, websites, and social media. What she doesn’t know she is eager to learn. I enjoy bouncing ideas off her and her thoughtful feedback. I’d recommend her services. She has been a tremendously valuable addition to my growing business.

Linda Cohen

Keynote Speaker, Linda Cohen Consulting

Having Nina on my team has been amazing. She is organized, knowledgeable, creative, and professional; as well as kind and caring. She has created beautiful websites for me, upped my social media game, taught me how to ‘do things’ (I am not a computer native!), and has done her homework on me so she can write about me and for me in my ‘voice’. I encourage you to hire her!

Anne-Louise Sterry

Speaker, Performing Artist, & Songwriter, Audacious Joy

Partial Client List: 

Anne-Louise Sterry partial client list of Nina Hambleton
Northwest Fencing Center
Vikki Espinosa & Associates
Vikki Espinosa & Associates
Linda Cohen Consulting
Portland Storytellers' Guild
Blomquist Consulting partial client list of Nina Hambleton
Audacious Joy


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