Meet Nina Hambleton

Nina Hambleton is a business-to-business (B2B) marketing consultant with a passion for finding ways to enable continuous improvement and operational excellence for her clients. Nina develops long-term strategic plans to leverage digital marketing tools and data analysis to facilitate evidence-based decision-making, website optimization, and elevate brands’ digital presence. 

Driven by curiosity with a desire to understand others’ motivations, goals, and behaviors, Nina is fervent about cultivating relationships that produce consistent, high-velocity growth. She understands that she wins when you win, and partnership means that your organization’s growth is a mutual end goal.

Nina is a published author, entrepreneur, and donates her time and services to local non-profit organizations and animal rescues.

She graduated from Portland State University School of Business with a BA in Marketing and minors in Economics and International Business. The combination of studies has provided strong foundation for developing strategic initiatives for new market development, long-term economic strategy, and understanding cultural factors impacting cross-border expansion.

There is nothing more gratifying than a client reaching their goals, knowing I played a part in supporting them. If there is anything I am an expert at, it is determining how to use my role and experience to facilitate the growth of an organization. 

– Nina H.


Nina has been my digital marketing go to person for the past two years. It has been a joy to work with her and she adds a wonderful perspective to what we do together. She is always quick to reply and has knowledge of SEO, websites, and social media. What she doesn’t know she is eager to learn. I enjoy bouncing ideas off her and her thoughtful feedback. I’d recommend her services. She has been a tremendously valuable addition to my growing business.

Linda Cohen

Keynote Speaker, Linda Cohen Consulting

Having Nina on my team has been amazing. She is organized, knowledgeable, creative, and professional; as well as kind and caring. She has created beautiful websites for me, upped my social media game, taught me how to ‘do things’ (I am not a computer native!), and has done her homework on me so she can write about me and for me in my ‘voice’. I encourage you to hire her!

Anne-Louise Sterry

Speaker, Performing Artist, & Songwriter, Audacious Joy

More About Nina 

After office hours, you can likely find this self-proclaimed dog mom with her dog, Dillon. Either exploring the PNW or simply out for a stroll, the duo spends just about all day together. You may even see him make a guest appearance or two on a video call.

Nina grew up in the PNW and values spending time outside. She donates her time and services to local non-profit organizations and animal rescues.

Nina and Dillon