Episode: Tips for Rotating Boards

With guest Nina Hambleton and Host Susan Finch

All Volunteer All Heart Podcast is brought to you by Binky Patrol, a non-profit organization founded by Susan Finch that brings blankets to kids in need of comfort. They are run completely by volunteers, accept old blankets and fabric as donations, and have chapters all over the United States.

About the Episode: 

People volunteer for different reasons. Having ran the Binky Patrol non-profit for more than 25 years, Susan Finch has seen a lot of motivators. One is the need to make their mark seen, to feel important. That can still benefit the organization, but without some guidelines and parameters in place, it could result in a website going down, social media debacles, embarrassment, and loss of sponsors and volunteers.

Tune in with Nina Hambleton and Susan as they go over some simple, helpful tips to prevent this and still allow your incoming volunteers and board to make their mark in the most positive way. All Volunteer All Heart podcast is available on Apple, Spotify, Sticher, and iHeart Radio.


All Volunteer All Heart Podcast with guest Nina Hambleton