Linda Cohen Consulting

Linda Cohen is an international keynote speaker, author, and executive consultant sharing the ROI of kindness with businesses and associations through customized interactive programs for team meetings and conference keynotes.

Linda had goals of expanding her business offerings to include intensives, onboarding materials, and internal training for employees of all levels. She has not only reached that goal but is now working with executives at one of the largest international banking corporations to elevate their culture.


Goal, Plan, Achieve

After refining ideal client profiles (ICPs) we were able to develop an actionable plan to target messaging and generate leads. This involved altering the technology product stack, increasing SEO efforts, and developing targeted content plans.

In the process, I was responsible for:

  • Website redesign and complete SEO
  • Email marketing campaign design and delivery
  • Social media management
  • Multichannel data collection and statistical analysis
  • Book launch campaign development and execution
  • Authored content and outbound communications 
  • Identify and cultivate guest features on high-traffic podcasts 


Strategic Planning

Audience Insights

Analytic Monitoring and Reporting

Brand Identity

Ideal Client Profiles

Content Creation

Social Media Management


Email Campaign Development

Web Development




+231% Email Subscribers

Successfully drove organic traffic and expanded subscriber acquisition strategies over two years.

+21% Open Rate vs Industry Av.

Crafting enticing titles and optimizing email communication to gain an average of +7% per year.

+160% Page Views Per Year

Driving website traffic through content optimization, SEO, and unpaid SEM efforts. 

+1,431 LinkedIn Followers

Grew LinkedIn presence by roughly +133% in one year, increasing post engagement by +176% on average.